About NorthStar Midstream

NorthStar Midstream provides flexible midstream crude and natural gas services, plus storage and transportation solution for North America’s rapidly developing shale plays. Our current areas of focus is North Dakota in the prolific Bakken Shale, and in Texas, the Eagle Ford Shale region. Additionally, we have a project under construction in Jacksonville, Florida.

NorthStar Midstream is a responsive midstream energy transportation company led by a customer-focused and experienced executive team. The company was formed in 2014 through a partnership between NorthStar and New York-based equity firm Highstar Capital. NorthStar leverages Highstar Capital’s resources and expertise to generate long-term value for its customers.

NorthStar Midstream’s initial terminal is centrally located in North Dakota’s McKenzie County, in the town of East Fairview on the North Dakota-Montana border. That region continues to experience the highest levels of oil-drilling activity—and the greatest oil and gas output—in the Bakken region.

NorthStar Midstream commissioned the NST Express FERC regulated pipeline in January 2017. NST Express is a 23 mile bi-directional pipeline linking our terminals at East Fairview and Alexander with a connection to the Dakota Access Pipeline. NorthStar’s combined asset portfolio provides shipping flexibility to East and West Coast markets and throughout the United States.

Assets located in both the Eagle Ford shale and Bakken shale, two of the highest return production basins:

  • Backed by long-term partners, including Oaktree (NYSE:OAK)
  • Experienced management team with 20 + years of midstream experience
  • Well-positioned assets
  • Demonstrated returns on current investments
  • Commercial contract portfolio has no commodity exposure

Bakken Assets

  • 80,000 Bpd of capacity / Bi-directional pipeline service
  • Premier crude transloading business
  • 660,000 barrels of capacity
  • Bi-directional pipeline with strategic connections to market centers
  • 9 High Speed sand silos

Eagle Ford Shale Assets

  • 150,000 barrels of storage capacity
  • 80,000 Bpd pipeline capacity
  • Gasoline pipeline

LNG Facilities

  • Jacksonville LNG located at Dames Point near the Port of Jacksonville
  • 2 Million Gallons of Storage (fourth quarter 2017)
  • Liquefaction Capacity: 120,000 gallons per day (fourth quarter 2017)
  • Marine distribution capabilities with dock access
  • Other Applications include, Long Haul Transportation, Railroad Locomotives, Power Generation and more
  • For additional information info@jaxlng.com